March 16, 2009

Cold As Ice ...

on ice?

In going through older posts, trying to see what's a go (Ice Capades - the tour) and what's not (Ice Capades - the reality tv show) I would probably put this one in the no column.

Looks like Oksana Baiul's Cold As Ice originally slated for Broadway after its first run in the Gateway Playhouse in Cliffside, N.J. has gone into hiding.

Does anyone else know more?


Anonymous said...

They are currently trying to raise money, but no luck. The piece needs serious rewrites before it can be done again. SERIOUS reweites.

Anonymous said...

opps - sorry about the typo - but actually I think it is kind of funny!

PS The piece was never "originally slated for Broadway" that was false advertising. They kept saying that, but they never had backers financially.

Ice Charades said...

Thanks anon 3:39 for writing in.

Come on, people, there are a lot of rich skaters out there that could pitch in, I bet.

Although, I know to get something on B-way is extremely expensive and with these times right now ...

As for the rewrites - don't know who's best for that. Toller Cranston?

Thanks again anon for the tip ... do you know if the next Bachelorette will be a skater?