February 10, 2009

Old Showgirls Never Die ....

they just (1-foot)glide away.

I bet you didn't know that showgirls age like dog years .... for every one year you skate in a show, you age four years!

This leads me to a confession I must make. I don't have a clue about the new judging system. Couldn't tell you what the new points are about - I'm an old showgirl, after all. All I know is I see long programs filled with crazy spins of manic shifts of positions and more stretching and pulling than a Chinese acrobat.

So maybe someone out there could email me a super simple, "New Judging For Dummies" outline and then I'll be able to follow all these blogs giving their take on the skaters' programs. It sounds to me like others don't like the new system, I'd love to know your thoughts on that too.

I could wait until Worlds this year, where they devote a ten-minute segment to the change, but I'm not likely to see it.

Please, please, please, someone fill me in.

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Aaron said...

There are parts I like about it...parts I don't. Here's the easy way of beginning to understand it.

Every element (spin, jump, lift, etc.) has an assigned point value. Then the judges rate how well you do it...great is +3...terrible is -3...and there's everything in between. These are called Grade's of Execution (GOE's). The GOE's on each element are averaged and the skater get's that much bonus or deduction for the element.

Spins, footwork, spiral sequences have what they call levels. Level 1 stuff is pretty basic...level 4 stuff is the manic crazy stuff you were mentioning. The higher the level...the more points you get.

The old artistic score is now the program component score. Things like skating skills, transitions, choreography, interpretation, timing are each judged on a 10 point scale. 10 is great, 1 is really bad.

When it's time for the marks, a random selection of judges is chosen (we or the judges don't know which judges scores are counting)...the technical element score is all points and levels the skaters got on their elements all added up. The Program component scores are all those things on the 10 point scale added up. This gives you the segment total.

The final score is found by adding all the segment scores together...highest points wins.

This is very simplistic...I suggest looking at a judging sheet to get a sense for how this works...here's the scores for the ladies at Europeans http://www.isuresults.com/results/ec2009/ec09_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf

Let me know if I can confuse you any further!