December 26, 2008

The Year In Review

Yup, lots of "best of" critics lists this time of the year, so Ice Charades decided to have one of her own. Since I've only been in business since April, I don't think I have ten good ones to offer. But I think I can give you five - one for each day until the eve of 2009!

Let's start the countdown ...

#5 The Showgirl Pose

Las Vegas has inspired me to throw out my theory of the "showgirl pose". See those Ice Charades girls in the photo up on the upper right hand corner? The ones with their knees bent and thighs turned in. They have some old showgirl to thank for trying to figure how to make her legs look their absolute thinnest.

Could it be Miss Chicago?

In this photo I dug up, only Miss Chicago is working the bend and flex. And don't you think it makes her look thinner? If she had a higher arch in her left foot, her whole leg would look thinner because we would see more of her knee area, the thinnest part of her leg.

Yes, someone long ago thought to put one leg directly in front of the other - so we see only the width of one leg - twist her thigh slightly inward - to hide some of the fleshy part - and then keep the leg facing front from the knee down - this time hiding the bulging calf muscle. Too bad she couldn't patent that move. She could have made some big bucks.

I know this doesn't have much to do with skating, but like I said, Vegas, baby, Vegas.

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