August 24, 2008

Ice Charades Has Moved!

... not the blog, but the girl herself.

So sorry that I haven't been posting regularily ... I've got a lot of posts to catch up on. For those of you that sent me emails, I will post them.

But it was a little crazy while Ice Charades and her family moved out of the good 'ol US of A - packing up the house, squaring away the visas, canceling all the mail and utilities, and saying goodbye.

It took four packers, three movers (luckily no shakers), two trucks and eight pages of inventory t0 empty out our house over the course of three days. And we had a little house! Man it adds up.

Looking at all the boxes stacked up on our sidewalk made me nostalgic for the days on the road when all I owned I could fit in one large suitcase and half a trunk. Okay, okay, I probably had a few cardboard boxes sitting in my mom's attic, but it was nice traveling so light.

The suitcases needed to be as light as we could manage, because we had to lug them up and down the stairs at the train stations. Usually when boarding the trains, the strongest guys would help by throwing my suitcase through the train door, like a throw double axel. But getting off the train it was usually every man or showgirl for themself.

Travel days to me (with Holiday On Ice at least) were often more tiring than show days. But they were more exciting too.

So this travel day I had two suitcases and I one big "trunk" (with 1400 pounds of "necessities" being shipped via the company and hopefully not held up in customs).

Again, I'm sorry to be behind with postings, but now that I'm back on the internet with a Skype phone, it's like I haven't left the Midwest. I'll try my best to keep you posted on the Ice Capades reality show.

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