July 7, 2008

Figure Skater in the Olympics

... and it's not Vancouver, people. This athlete was a former show skater, so I'm very proud to announce Kathryn Bertine here. She's also an elite triathlete and accomplished writer. Amazing.

First - here's a fun fact that ties in with this post. Did you know that Figure Skating was the first winter sport debuted in the 1908 London SUMMER Olympic Games? Take that hockey.

So, figure skating has an old connection to the Summer Olympics. Now we have Kathryn, former show and competitive figure skater trying to qualify for Beijing in a summer sport. She didn't make it as a pentathlete, team handball competitor or U.S. cyclist, but through a lot of training and tenacity (not to mention citizenship from St. Kitts/Nevis in a brilliant marketing campaign for the islands) she could be going as their cyclist.

Yes, this girl basically bought her ticket to Beijing first and then went for the sport giving her the best chance of qualifying. Check out this post of her blog - So You Wanna Be An Olympian?

I also want to plug her book - All The Sundays Yet To Come- about life in an ice show - here as well.

You Go Girl! We'll be looking for you in the Opening Ceremony!


Aaron said...

That's amazing...definitely deserves a you go girl! Didn;t know that about Figure Skating and London...how about London do it again in 2012!

Ice Charades said...

Ooh - that's a great idea! Can't you see it in the Opening Ceremony? Maybe Torville and Dean could incorporate their Dancing On Ice show - apparently it's a big deal in the UK.

Ice Mom said...

I'm just so impressed with her determination: buy the ticket first and then qualify.

She smart, isn't she? I'm sure that the plane ticket was so much cheaper when she bought it! :)

Please let her know that your blog readers will be following her with great interest! Thanks, ice charades!