June 25, 2008

Ice Classics 1948 - A History Lesson

I got an email from Mark Traversino, whose father started a small ice tank show (tank = putting a sheet of ice anywhere you can) in 1948.

They wound up in Manilla, by his account, the first ice skating show that ever hit Asia.

Mark was the piano player for the show and his sister, Marion Traversino, pictured on the right, was the female principal, along with her co-star Buddy Schroff, pictured on the left.

Fascinating stuff for any ice show skater to discover how it all got started. Here's the link (warning: if you're at your cube, you probably don't want the music to come on - set your speakers to mute) to his website that has many more photos, a YouTube link to skating in the '50s, and press clippings galore.

I pointed Mark to the PFSC Historical Foundation, which is where any of you should go, should you have stories like this to share. There's a link to the PFSC on the right, or you can click here.

Let's keep the history alive - thanks Mark! - can you hear Hollywood calling?

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