April 15, 2010

She Can Skate and Write!

... and I'm impressed.

Hmmm, did Brian help her with the rough draft?

Here is an article from morethanthegames.co.uk mentioning the latest achievement for Kim Yu-Na.

Kim, 19, collected gold at the Pacific Coliseum in February, achieving world record scores in the short and long programs and underlining her status as the world's best.

Superlatives have been bombarding ‘Queen Yu-Na' and despite failing to defend her world title last month, she remains South Korea's hottest sporting property.

Indeed, she even received praise from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who admitted to South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan she had stayed up until the early hours to watch Kim's breath-taking performance.

And Kim, clearly touched, took it upon herself to respond with a letter, hand-written in Korean.

"It was very humbling to read newspapers reporting that you had complimented my performance," read the letter.

"It was all the more touching as I have always held deep admiration for the inspiring woman that you are and the momentous work that you do.

"As I strive to do better on the ice, it is highly motivating to know that more people are enjoying my performance and that your thoughts are with me, Madam Secretary. I will push myself harder."

So now we're just waiting for President Barack Obama, Clinton's former rival Democratic candidate, to speak out about his long-standing admiration for men's gold medallist Evan Lysacek.......maybe not.


Anonymous said...

she hand wrote the letter in Korean and it was translated into english :)
aint Yuna just so loveable?

Ice Mom said...

That's pretty cool. I like the work harder bit at the end, but I wonder how much harder that kid can work.

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