May 7, 2014


Eh, excuse me Ms. Ice Charades, what does this have to do with figure skating?

Just wait ... there is a connection. But first, for those followers who don't live in Europe and can't follow all the excitement, glitz, and politics that is the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest ... it's a little like American/British/ or any other country's Idol contest, meets Miss Universe, meets a fancy-schmancy EU cocktail party.

And Montenegro's song, "Moj Svijet", had a FIGURE SKATER!

Serbian figure skating champion Jovana Stanisavljević to be precise. She was on pic-frames or some other version of rollerblades and she was doing flips and pivots and spins. You go, Jovana! Luckily, Montenegro made it to the finals, so I'll get to see her skate again.

May 5, 2014

That Visor is soooo HOI 2009

You've probably been seeing this visor in the news lately.

And some are calling it the latest fashion trend since it has spurred on huge sales in Manhattan.

But hold on folks, HOI had this look going years ago.

But to be fair, I think we have to give credit for the original inspiration ... stormtroopers.