November 29, 2013

The Show Must Go On

... except when the school nurse says "no" or in our case "nein."

My daughter had a solo and small part in the school choir concert yesterday. She also woke up with a fever.

There have been days in the past when she felt sick in the morning and she was feeling normal by lunch time. I'm lucky that she is rarely sick, so I know she's not trying to get out of school. Yet. That's what the teenage years are for, right?

Now, the showgirl in me wanted my daughter to go to school anyway and tough it out. Fever be damned. And that's what I did. Kind of. Her fever went down and she went off to school for the afternoon and I was planning to see her performance at 6 pm.

The mother in me took a back seat and didn't want her skip the play to stay home and recover.

But the mother in me got called to get to school at 4 pm to take my daughter home immediately. The school nurse said she had to go. The school nurse also told the showgirl in the choir director my daughter could not stay. The showgirl in me knew not to argue with the school nurse.

Let me tell you, there are no school nurses in ice shows. There are paychecks to be collected and jobs to stay in, so showgirls skate and don't sit it out too much. I bet any of you performers out there would agree that your body tends to break down on your day off. That's when it can.

November 21, 2013

Today is the World Premiere for Holiday On Ice's 70th Anniversary show - Platinum!

hmmmm, can we talk to the publicity department about poster placement?

If you're reading this and excited about tracking the show, join the group Holiday On Ice 2013 on Facebook and you'll be in good company.

I've got my tickets for Hamburg, but it won't play here until February, so you'll have to wait for a review.

Here's wishing the cast and crew a wonderful Opening night and a great touring season of 2013-14!

Toi, toi, toi.

November 5, 2013

Whose Cell Would You Listen To?

Time for a quick question that was inspired by reading the German magazine - Bunte - while I was waiting for my EKG bike ride appointment.

They asked German celebrities whose cell phone they would want to listen in on. So I'm asking you ... which famous skater's cell phone would you like to listen in on? You know, going back to say 2002?

This doesn't necessarily coordinate with your favorite skater because some other skaters might have had juicier conversations. I always pick Brian Orser as "The One" but here it might have been more enlightening to listen to Yuna-Kim's conversations during that whole messy break-up. But I don't want to revisit that episode.

Toller Cranston - always has a unique perspective, not afraid to speak his mind, as well as interesting house guests, but he doesn't have a cell phone, so he would not be a good pick.

Johnny Weir - again, not afraid to speak his mind, great perspective, but after watching (one episode of) his documentary, I don't think you would get much more info from his phone calls.

So, I'm going with .... wait for it .... Michelle Kwan. Besides all of her skating, she's had an important mission with the US State Department, lots of invites to glamorous events and she was coached for a bit by the ever captivating Scott Williams starting around 2002!

So - play along now - whose cell phone?