April 8, 2010

Back from vacation

... and while it was good to get away from the emails, I missed all the skating blogs out there.

So, while I was gone, I see Ice Mom's new website is up and running. Wow, wow, wow. She's gone big time! Congrats.

I also want to thank Xan at Xanboni, for her help in answering questions and comments about present-day life in an ice show on my stint at Ice Mom's "Ask The Expert". Some things never change, but I'm glad to say some ice show habits are changing for the better.

I'm also glad to see I can follow along on DWTS, because I don't get that show on our cable stations. Laura at Required Elements always has a good run-down. For some reason, I get older seasons (what year was Marie Osmand on the show?) on the BBC channel. Apparently, the Brits love dancing too. Although, I would prefer they show the British show, Dancing On Ice with Torville and Dean because I've always wanted to see that show.

I was excited to see Susan at Lifeskate scoring big-time interviews with celebrities and boosting Figure Skating in Harlem, which is a great organization. Susan - could you ask "The Donald" to put in an ice rink in his new Trump building in Panama City, Panama? You know it gets so hot down there, that would really be cool.

And I'm looking forward to Aaron posting his awards next week on Axels, Loops, and Spins ...

Having only seen parts of US Nationals and the Olympics, I don't consider myself qualified to vote on the entire season, although I'll vote for Brian anyday! But I would have to say I'm still in awe of Yu-Na Kim's long program at the Olympics. So many other great performances too, but that one stands out for me.

As for Blog Of The Year - Jumping Clapping Man has my vote! He's put a "Best of JCM" here so you can catch up.

Am I allowed to vote in that category?

Aaron, maybe you could have a new category next year for best skating book. But if I have to go up against Johnny Weir, I have no chance. I can't make up anything as good as his real life. I'm screwed. Just like he was at the Olympics. Ooohh, did I say that? Hey Johnny, can I tag along on one of your book signings, pretty please?

So one thing I learned on my vacation is that I've lost my ability to not get dizzy. Skaters learn early on how to spin fast and never feel sick. And I thought that stayed with you forever, like riding a bicycle. But noooo. Even before I left for vacation, I tried a scratch spin at the local rink. The spin was pretty good - for this old gal - but I was naseous for almost an hour after that.

Then I went sea kayaking for the first time on pretty smooth water, but I still got naseous. I should have stayed put on that beach chair, right there. My friend John, a/k/a Judy of Ice Charades, says don't worry you can get that back. But I'm not so sure. I'm going to have to ask him "how" and I'll post that in the future.

In the meantime, my hats off to John for skating again in an adult synchro team and doing a solo in an exhibition at his home rink next week AND for turning the big 5-0! Way to go.


jumping clapping man said...

wow, for a fellow nominee to tout my nomination is VERY humble and sweet indeed. thank you for the nod. it is much appreciated.

i too enjoy and have enjoyed your posts. keep up the great work!

Ice Charades said...

Thanks - like I said in an earlier post, it's crazy how I try to strench and relate anything to an ice show.

Ice Mom said...

Thank you very much for the kind words about my site. I have so much to do, I'm not sure when I'm going to fit in sleep!

Thank you, too, for appearing on the blog last week. It was really fun to learn more about show skating.

Congratulations on your Loop, Axels nomination! Well deserved!

Ice Mom

Alexandra said...

Welcome back Jenny! You'll be happy to hear that everyone on my daughter's show reads your blog too!